Paul Ainsworth Coronation burger with chicken, filo pastry and cornflakes recipe on Sunday Brunch

Paul Ainsworth served up a tasty Coronation chicken burger with filo pastry and cornflakes on Sunday Brunch.

The ingredients are: 8 Chicken thighs, 2 – 3 litres vegetable oil, 1 lemon and lime, 4 seeded burger buns, Curry mayonnaise, 8 large leaf’s baby gem, 4 slices beef tomatoes, 250g jar mango chutney, Pickled raisins, Curry seasoning, 4 curried spiced devilled eggs, Salt and pepper.

For the chicken Thigh Marinade: 250g buttermilk, 1egg, 5g garam marsala and 5g smoked paprika.

For the chicken seasoning: 1 small cup table salt and 1 small cup mild curry powder.

For the chicken crumb texture: 250g plain flour, 10g onion powder, 10g paprika, 10g garam marsala, 10g garlic powder, 50g cornflakes and 5 sheets of filo pastry.

For the Curry Mayonnaise: 200g Plain mayonnaise, 20g sweet chili, 3g mild curry powder (premium), 1g turmeric, 2 dashes Tabasco and Zest and juice of one lemon.

For the devilled eggs: 4 Large rich yolk eggs, 1 tablespoon curry mayonnaise and Curry salt to season.

For the Pickled Golden Raisins: 120g water, 40g caster sugar, 40g white wine vinegar, 1 star anise, 4g mustard seeds, 10 ml olive oil, 1g salt and 50g golden raisins.

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