Stephen Terry braised pork rolled lasagna with asparagus, tomato reduction and cheese recipe on James Martin’s Saturday Morning

Stephen Terry served up a tasty braised pork rolled lasagna with asparagus, salad leafs, tomato reduction and Fontina cheese on James Martin’s Saturday Morning.

the ingredients for the pork shoulder: 3kg pork shoulder, rolled and tied, Water to cover, 2x carrots, roughly chopped, 1x leek, roughly chopped, 3x celery sticks, roughly chopped, 1x onion, roughly chopped, 1x garlic bulb, split in half and 1x fresh thyme, small bunch.

For the roux: 125g unsalted butter, 200g plain flour, 1 litre Reduced pork stock, 50g parsley, chopped, 25g Parmesan, grated and Chopped carrots from braising liquor.

For Tomato Reduction: 1x tin tomatoes, Chilli flakes, 2x garlic cloves, crushed, Salt & pepper.

For the Pasta Dough: 550g ‘00’ pasta flour, 4 whole eggs and 6 yolks.

For the salad: Mixed Italian leaves, 6x blanched asparagus tips, 1 tsp Lemon juice and 25g Pickled onions, quartered.

To serve: Sliced Fontina Cheese.

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