Tom Kerridge double Gloucester cheese flan with Jersey royals on Spring Kitchen

Tom Kerridge makes use of double Gloucester cheese in his first recipe on today’s Spring Kitchen.

He serves up a double Gloucester cheese flan made Jersey royals, spring onions, double Gloucester cheese, duck eggs, chives and crème fresh. The Michelin star chef garnished his flan with chive flowers.

The ingredients for Tom’s dish are: Cooking oil, 1 onion, sliced, 100g crème fraîche, salt and pepper, 2 tbsp chopped chives, 4 free-range duck eggs, 200g Jersey Royals, washed and scrubbed (not peeled), pre-cooked and halved, 1 bunch spring onions, 70g Double Gloucester, 30ml first press rapeseed oil and chive flowers.