The X Factor 2010: Zain Malik Nervous Dancing – What Was He Thinking

X Factor contestant Zain Malik did not do himself any favours at Bootcamp by refusing to talk part in the boys dance routine.

Zain Malik

Zain was shown walking away when he had to appear on stage to take part in the dance routine in front of Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh. However, he did not get very far because Simon Sowell tracked him down and persuaded him to return to the stage. When asked by Simon why he walked away, he said he could not dance and did not know the routine.

Once on stage however, he appeared to remember more than he was letting on. Yes, he could not really dance and yes, he was rubbish at the routine, but so was almost everyone else on that stage.

By Walking away, Zain drew more attention to himself than he would have had otherwise. The cameras were then focused on him and he could not get away. Now his dance moves amuse us every time we watch the clip. There is only one question to ask zain; Why would you want to be a pop star but are afraid to dance?

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  1. I’m 11 and i think im the best kid dceanr out there so bring it on abults cuz i think i can do way better than u guys u might have more experience but im WAYYYYYY more flexible!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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