Louis Walsh To Mentor The 2010 X Factor Over 28 Category

Louis Walsh will be mentoring the Overs category this year with the age range raised from over 25 to over 28. The change was made during bootcamp by the judges to strengthen the boys category, but it might have left the Overs category a little weaker.

Louis Walsh
Louis Walsh

On hearing the news that he would be mentoring the Overs category, Louis could not contain is disappointment. He said:

‘I am not the person for this. Oh god! The over-28′s and me. The other judges are going to be smug and confident. I have to believe in these people and I am going to work very hard.’

The Over 28’s category are:

Storm Lee
Mary Byrne
Wagner Fiuza Carrilho
Justin Vanderhyde
Elesha Moses
John Adeleye
Yuli Minguel
Stephen Hunter.

Last year Louis mentored the groups but none of them managed to reach the last four positions. However, Jedward did go on to have commercial success, something Louis is rather proud of, so it will be interesting to see how he manages this years crop of hopefuls.