Joseph Denison-Carey summer frangipane tart with strawberries and almonds recipe on This Morning

Joseph Denison-Carey served up a delicious summer frangipane tart with strawberries and almonds on This Morning.

The ingredients for the pastry cream (this quantity will make more than you need but it is delicious served alongside the tart): 235g milk, 100g double cream, 1 vanilla pod, 135g egg yolks (7 medium egg yolks), 135g caster sugar, Pinch of salt and 25g plain flour.

For the frangipane: 85g ground almonds, 85g sugar, 85g whole eggs, 85g softened butter, 180g pastry cream or shop bought fresh custard , 22cm sweet, cooked pastry case (you will find these in most supermarkets), 600g Strawberries, hulled and quartered , A few thinly sliced basil and Icing sugar, to dust.

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