Jack Monroe ‘lingreenie’ pasta with chicken recipe on This Morning

Jack Monroe served up a tasty ‘lingreenie’ pasta with chicken and courgettes on This Morning.

The ingredients are: 70g spaghetti or linguine, or any other pasta, A few pinches of salt, 80g spinach or kale, 40g spring onion, green parts only, 20g parsley, stalks and all, 1 tbsp oil or butter, 2 tbsp lemon juice or light coloured vinegar, 50g soft cheese, I used feta, 120g green courgette, or more, 80g tomatoes or peppers and Plenty of black pepper or a little chilli.

Optional: Works with cooked shredded or thinly sliced chicken, diced cooked bacon, any canned fish, or for veggie option, cooked white beans or crumbled firm tofu.

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