The X Factor: Pixie Lott Upset X Factor Fans on Her Debut

Pixie Lott is the fourth judge to stand in for Dannii Minogue during the X Factor auditions. Looking fresh and radiant Pixie initially looked quite comfortable in the role with both the audience and fellow judges appreciating her contribution. That was until Tom Richards took to the stage.

 Pixie Lott

 Following his performance of The Script ‘Man Who Can’t Be Moved’, the panel were not convinced, they thought it was very dated. He went on to sing ‘This Is The Moment’ from stage musical Jekyll and Hyde,

The 16-year-old won a ‘yes’ vote from Cheryl Cole and Louis Walsh while Simon Cowell said ‘no’.

Pixie had the deciding vote but initially said he wasn’t good enough before changing her mind when the audience and Louis pleaded with her.

Tom later told The Sun: ‘Pixie was only a few years older than me. Having a guest judge on the show practically the same age as me was difficult to handle.’

‘During my performance, the judges were smiling – especially Pixie – so I thought I’d done really well.

‘Pixie’s comments at the end didn’t match the way she reacted to my singing.’

Going by the reaction of the audience on the night many would agree with him. But Louis Walsh applied sustained pressure on Pixie to get her to change her mind.