Nisha Katona jackfruit curry with poppy seed potatoes recipe on Sunday Brunch

Nisha Katona served up a tasty jackfruit curry with poppy seed potatoes on Sunday Brunch.

The ingredients are: 1/4 cup veg oil, 6 dried prunes – soaked, 400g Tin jackfruit pieces in brine- drained, fried in veg oil to lightly brown and set aside, 1 heaped teaspoon cumin seeds, 2 medium onions -finely diced, 3 cloves garlic- finely chopped, 2 inches peeled ginger- grated, 3/4 tin chopped peeled tomato, 1 heaped tsp turmeric, 1/2 teaspoon chilli powder, 4 teaspoons Garam masala, 1 1/2teaspoon salt- to taste, 3 teaspoon brown sugar, 1 heaped tablespoon tomato purée, 250ml of strong black Darjeeling tea, 250ml water to loosen if needed and Finely sliced batons of ginger and 2 tbsp pomegranate seeds to garnish.

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