Paul Ainsworth fish hot dog with pollock recipe on Sunday Brunch

Paul Ainsworth served up tasty fish hot dog (seadog) with Pollock and pickled cucumber on Sunday Brunch.

The ingredients are: 12 mini brioche hot dog buns, 2 fillets of pollock from a 2.5kg fish, 1 bunch of fresh dill, 250g of fresh parmesan, 500g Panko bread crumbs, 4 egg whites, vegetable oil for fryer and dried seaweed powder for seasoning (optional).

For the fish brine: 1kg water, 50g salt, 40g sugar, 1 bay leaf, Fresh thyme and pinch of white pepper corns.

For the cucumber Pickle: 100ml white wine vinegar, 100g caster sugar, 700ml water, 50ml extra virgin olive oil, 100g Mustard seeds, 1 cucumber and fine salt to taste.

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