James Martin bloody Mary pasta with shrimps recipe

James Martin served up a tasty bloody Mary pasta with shrimps, vodka and hot pepper sauce on James Martin’s American Adventure.

The ingredients for the pasta topping include: breadcrumbs, olive oil and parsley.

For the bloody Mary sauce: red onions, garlic, sugar, celery salt, salt, black pepper, Worcestershire sauce, hot pepper sauce, vodka, tin tomatoes and shrimps.

James Martin’s American Adventure: 80 classic American recipes book is available at Amazon now.

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  1. alexandra abraham

    Does the book contain every single recipe from the series? I would wager not…
    I bought the ‘French Adventures’ one and some of the dishes he cooked weren’t included.
    Why do that? if it’s the book of the series, why omit some of the dishes??

    So annoying – plus, search as I might, I couldn’t find the missing recipes anywhere else, either!

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