Nigel Barden Oxtail in Red Wine and Espresso with polenta Recipe

Nigel Barden served up a tasty braised oxtail in espresso and red wine liquor with creamy polenta on Radio 2 Drivetime with Simon Mayo.

The ingredients for the Braised Oxtail: 2kg oxtail, cut into 3-4cm pieces, 30ml vegetable oil, 4 tbsp muscovado sugar, 2 large brown onions, sliced, 4 small tomatoes, chopped, 1 small leek, chopped, 1 celery stick, chopped, 4 garlic cloves, smashed, 2 tbsp mustard seeds, 3 bay leaves, 1.2L water (enough to cover the oxtail), Sea salt and black pepper, Chopped flat-leaf parsley, to garnish.

For the Green Seasoning: Handful of coriander, roughly chopped, 1 celery stick, roughly chopped, 3 garlic cloves, peeled, 1 spring onion, chopped, 3 tbsp fresh thyme leaves, small handful of sage leaves, roughly chopped, 1 shallot and ½ green chilli (or 1 small).

For the Espresso and Red Wine Liquor: 300ml red wine, 70g muscovado sugar and 50g espresso coffee beans.