The X Factor 2010: Eccentric Shirlena Johnson Through To Bootcamp

Eccentric performer Sherlean Johnson some how made it through to the bootcamp stage of the competition after delivering one of the craziest performances ever seen on The X Factor.


The singer performed an unusual cover of Duffy’s ‘Mercy’ on Saturday’s show, said that she hoped winning the programme would help her give a “better” life to 3-year-old Mariah.

“If I won the X Factor it would change my life because I’m doing it for Mariah. I want to give her a better life, the life she deserves,” she told The Sun.

“I rely on my family and friends try to help me. I’m a single parent, I’m on benefits and life’s really hard.”

When asked about her performance style, she said: “I know that whenever I perform I end up doing something else, it’s like something else comes over me and I feel like I’m possessed. I’m definitely possessed with something.”

Following her performance on Saturday night, Simon Cowell told her she was ‘absolutely mad’ and compared her performance to a ‘musical exorcism’ but liked Shirl enough to join forces with Louis Walsh to send her through to bootcamp.