The X Factor 2010: Zimbabwean Gamu Nhengu Impressed Judges

Zimbabwean singer Gamu Nhengu impressed X Factor judges Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh, Cheryl Cole and Geri Halliwell on Saturday night with her updated version of Katrina And The Waves Walking On Sunshine and won herself a place in bootcamp.


However, Gamu is not comfortable watching herself on TV. Speaking on This Morning, the 18 year old admitted that she spent Saturday night with her eyes and ears covered and made her family watch her screen time instead. Gamu told Eamon and Ruth:

‘I was at home and I was so so nervous. I spent the whole day trying to block it out, but trying to remember as well. When it was time to start watching, I just covered my eyes and said “I hope I’m not on first”. When I came on I didn’t watch it. I closed my eyes and closed my ears and didn’t want to see it. Afterwards I asked everybody “How was it? Tell me the bad bits, tell me the good bits?” I mentally prepared myself and then I watched it.’

Gamu has been made the bookie’s early favourite to win the show. When  asked how she felt about this on This Morning by Eamon Homes, she replyed:

‘Hopefully I’ll live up to it. I’m up for the challenge. Hey it’s awesome but there is a lot of competition, there is a lot of talented people this year.