Nadiya Hussain hot smoked salmon kedgeree recipe on Nadiya’s Festive Family Feast

Nadiya Hussain served up a tasty hot smoked salmon kedgeree dish on Nadiya’s Festive Family Feast.

The ingredients are: 2 tsp cumin seeds, 2 tsp coriander seeds, 5 tbsp olive oil, 2 onions, sliced, 1 tsp salt, ½ tsp paprika, ½ tsp garam masala, 500g freshly cooked white rice, 500g hot-smoked salmon, broken into bite-sized pieces, 225g frozen peas, defrosted under a cold tap, 50ml double cream, 2 tbsp finely chopped fresh coriander, 2 tbsp finely snipped fresh chives, 4 free-range eggs, hard-boiled, peeled and quartered and 1 lemon, cut into wedges.