Michel Roux Jr. pork rib-eye with turnip sauerkraut and berries recipe on Saturday Kitchen

Michel Roux Jr. served up a tasty pork rib-eye with turnip sauerkraut and berries on Saturday Kitchen.

Michel says: “The turnip here needs to be prepared in advance, to make a kind of sauerkraut. It works brilliantly in this special dinner for two.”

The ingredients for the turnip are: 2 large turnips, thinly sliced, 3 tbsp salt, 5 cracked juniper berries and 100-150ml white wine or pale ale.

For the stuffed cabbage leaf: 1 Savoy cabbage, core removed and leaves separated, 300g pork mince, 100g liver, trimmed and chopped, 2 tsp fresh sage, chopped, 500ml veal stock, salt and freshly ground black pepper.

For the pork: 2 pork rib-eye chops, 2cm thick and 2 tbsp olive oil.