Callum Todd crowned winner of Channel 4’s Countdown 2013 Championship

Today was the finals of Countdown 2013, and in this the 69th series of the Channel 4 game show, we saw one of the closest finals yet.

Richard Madeley joined the Countdown team to sit alongside the lovely Susie Dent in the dictionary corner. The duo had a real challenge on their hands to keep up with two of the best contestants that has ever appeared on the show.

The two maths and word geniuses going head to dead were Countdown contestants Dylan Taylor and Callum Todd.

Rachel Riley described the pair as being countdown answers to One Direction; Unfortunately or Fortunately, we never got to hear them sing.

However, the two young geniuses served up a thrilling final with nothing to choose between them throughout the final. They matched each other from the start with virtually identical scores until the very end, scoring over 100 points each.

But in the end, there could only be one winner, and the person who walked away with the prize of 20 volume editions of the Oxford English dictionary, Richard Whitley Countdown Memorial Trophy and a top of the range Laptop was, and the title of Countdown Champion 2013, after guessing the conundrum correctly within 5 seconds, was Callum Todd.

Callum Todd countdown winner

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