Tennis star Andy Murray goes musical Twitting tribute song by The Exile of Elgin called Under the Lights

andy murray tribute song

Singer –songwriter  Keith Meisner, who performs under the name The Exile of Elgin, wrote a song called Under the Lights as a tribute to his friend Andy  Murray. Murray has been so impressed by it that the Tennis star took to Twitter to inform his followers.

He tweeted: “A friend of mine who I grew up playing tennis with came up with this song.”

Now The Exile of Elgin has been invited to Wimbledon to perform the track on Murray Mound according to reports.

The part-time PE teacher told STV News that his big break came after Murray’s mother Judy saw a video for the song on YouTube.

He said: “I’m really looking forward to going down to Wimbledon as I really didn’t expect to receive this invitation.

“I just punted the song up on Saturday and Judy, Andy’s mum, saw it and she passed it onto Andy who then punted it out on Twitter.”  Read the full story here.

Keith Meisner, aka The Exile of Elgin singing ‘Under the Lights’.

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