Property prices offers lifestyle change for Nottinghamshire couple in the Carinthia region of Austria on Escape To The Continent

Alistair Appleton shows a Nottinghamshire couple just what a new life in the Carinthia region of Austria could be like for their budget.

John and Elaine have a budget of £375,000 with which to purchase a new continental home. They are convinced that a new start in Austria will offer them a lifestyle of scenery, sport and style.

The region is home to the world’s tallest wooden observation tower that house Europe’s tallest slide. The region also contains the largest alpine lake in Europe.

For their budget the couple wanted a 3 bedroom property with open plan living, low maintenance, local community and nearby ski resort

These are the properties that were on offer to John and Elaine on Escape to the Continent:

[imagebrowser id=24]

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