Phil and Omar from Phom Loose Leaf Tea secured investment from Sally Hoppen on Dragon’s Den

Phil and Omar from Phom secured investment from Sally Hoppen on Dragon’s Den for their loose leaf tea business.

The Liverpool based entrepreneur got their idea for the business over a cup of tea at the University in Liverpool when Philip shared with Omar how he missed the great loose leaf teas he drank at his Mum’s tea shop in Germany. Now the pair wants to get the world drinking loose leaf tea one cup at a time.

Since starting their business the duo now supplies over 25 bars and café’s with their products in the north west of England. They also offer an online make your own blend tea service where customers can select from a range of flavours to make their own tea.

In a shrewd move to get an advantage over her fellow dragons, Sally Hoppen made Phil and Omar an offer of the full £50,000 investment they required but for 25% of their business.

Although the pair wanted to give away only 15% of their business, they accepted Kelly’s offer.


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