Nick Bennett festival bag on Dragons Den

Nick Bennett pitched his festival bag business for in vestment on Dragons Den.

The businessman came to the Den seeking an investment of £70,000 for a 20% stake in his new business venture.

One thought on “Nick Bennett festival bag on Dragons Den

  1. Hi the festival bag business needs to be just a tent, made of 3 washable sheets , that clip together at the edges with 2 flexible tube clip rods to make a tube tent ( oblate spheriod) which will naturally become more flattened at the base when people and rucksack’s go inside it, it will be easy to unclip the 3 sheets and wash them, these tube tents could be sold at festivals cheaply and then the tube tents left behind could be collected cleaned and sold as recycled tents, as a second tent selling business. This is a more realistic way of dealing with the fact that people will invariably leave their muddy tents behind. You could have a large truck with a massive washer dryer ,… so you can sell, collect, clean and resell recycled tube tent again all on site. Most of your tents will sell because people like to be involved with recycling . Good luck, Kali

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