Japanese teppanyaki grill on Big Box Little Box was the stand out gadget on the first episode of the show

ITV’s new gadget show showcased some of the latest products on the market today including the Tefal ActiveFry, Self-heating HotCan containing a vegetable balti, Bluetooth Talking Glove and the Renault Twizy electric car, but it was the Japanese teppanyaki grill (available at Amazon) that was the stand out gadget on this the first episode of the show.

The grill is a very social way to enjoy cooking and is easy to use. All the families and friends on the show were impressed with it and gave it a massive thumbs up.

Japanese teppanyaki grill

Andrew James Electric Teppanyaki Barbecue Table Grill Griddle 1800 Watts, Includes 2 Year Warranty And 8 Spatulas

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