Husky Dog Racing from Arctic Quest, hasslachers hot chocolate drink or vase cards from Blooming Simple could attract investment on Dragon’s Den

Last night we saw a few unlucky entrepreneurs narrowly missing out on securing investment in the Dragon’s Den that had a very strong case for investment but they failed to convince the dragons.

First in the den was Vicky and Chantelle with their delightful huskies. The pair were seeking £100,000 for a 20 per cent share of their Arctic Quest business, which offers husky dog racing on the River Avon. They wanted to buy land and offer more accommodation, but Peter Jones felt they had overvalued their assets for what was essentially a “lifestyle job”. Even dog owner and lover of animals Deborah Meaden was not persuaded to invest.

Another promising business venture in the den was Blooming Simple, set up by Kent duo Patrick and Chris. They make card vases – already selling in many outlets in the UK and the USA- but they too walked away with nothing.

At the start of their presentation we felt businessmen Jim Campbell, Reuben Maltby and Simon Hasslacher were guaranteed investment for their hasslachers hot chocolate drink, made with 100 per cent cacao and is available in some UK supermarkets.
On the surface it would seem the dragons would be queuing up to invest after their initial interest with the idea and the packaging of the product, but none was willing to part with £150,000 for 13 per cent share of the business.


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