Hell’s Kitchen 2015 with Gordon Ramsay and 18 new contestants

Hell’s Kitchen 2015 kicked off in the States this week with our very own Gordon Ramsay and 18 new contestants whose names are:

Christine Hazel from Pennsylvania,
Torrece “T” Gregoire from Georgia,
Brendan Pelley from Massachusetts,
Meghan Gill from Virginia,
Sarah Baumert from Texas,
Nick Peters from Massachusetts,
Cameron Spagnolo from New Jersey,
Michelle “Mieka” Houser from Maryland,
Monique Booker from Massachusetts,
Bret Hauser from Florida,
Josh Trovato from New York,
Randy Bell from Tennessee,
Adam Livow from New Jersey,
Michelle Tribble from Texas,
Milly Medley from Pennsylvania,
Alison Rivera from New York,
Chrissa Schmerler from New York,
Michael Dussault from Connecticut.

The contestants all prove their culinary skills to Gordon Ramsay and will face gruelling challenges, including fishing for crabs, serving a speed lunch for motorcyclists, preparing delicious dishes for a high school homecoming and a charity night.

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