Harry Judd from McFly showcased his home on Through The Keyhole with Keith Lemon naked in his bed

harry judge keyhole
Harry Judd from pop band McFly showcased his house and home on Through The Keyhole with Keith Lemon.

The McFly drummer gave Keith Lemon the freedom of his home to go where he wants and the funny man wasted no time in heading for the Kitchen to drink god-knows what from a container.

However, when Keith ventured into Harry’s Bed Room, he went into his bed completely naked and when he got up, there was a pile of brown stuff left on Harry’s white sheets.

For a moment it was left to the imagination of what it could be, but Keith swore that it was only ice cream.

Harry’s house looked very spacious and comfortable but not as rock and roll as we though it might be. The celebrity panel – Joe Swash, Gabby Logan and Paddy McGuinness -thought it was too clean and tidy for a man but Harry’s hunk of the year trophy was a big clue that it was a man they were looking to identify.

harry judd house

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