Geoff Capes and Tina Malone cook at home for Callum, Amanda, Mark and Amanda on Who’s Doing The Dishes?

Geoff Capes and Tina Malone kicks off the week of celebrity home cooking on Who’s Doing The Dishes?

On Monday Geoff opened his doors for this weeks dinner guest Callum from Leeds, Amanda from Burnley, Mark and company director Amanda. However, Geoff’s Highland Haggis feast did not go down well with all the dinner guest.

Tina Malone stepped up to the plate on Tuesday’s with her menu that consisted of Scouse Seafood Salad, Chats Chicken and Leek Pasta and Potty Mouth Banoffee, that was a real incite to her identity.

The dinner guests managed to identify both their host with ease and earned £1000 in the process.

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