Gangnam Styles hit maker PSY set to collaborate with will-i-am and Brian May

psy gangnam style

Korean rapper PSY has taken the world by storm with is first single Gangnam Style and unique dance moves and now a number of established music artists have seen potential in collaboration with the Korean star.

This week PSY has had meetings will-i-am and Brian May from Queen to explore ideas for a creating new music.

Last week PSY performed his new single ‘Gentleman’ on the finals of Britain’s Got Talent and since then he has been busy doing other gigs in London including Capital FM’s Summertime Ball.

Yesterday the rapper shared a picture of himself and Will in a London studio on Twitter with the caption:
“Some cool sh*tz goin on in London at 2am!! Me& @iamwill !! Guess what!?”

psy and will-i-am

Speaking to Radio 1’s Scott Mills on Monday, Psy revealed that he had a scheduled meeting with guitarist Brian May the following day:

“You remember that I was and I am a really huge fan of rock band Queen? It seems like I’m going to have a brunch with Brian May tomorrow.”

It will be interesting to see the outcome of all the collaboration work PSY has done in London later this year.

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