Dane Bowers home cooking skills is on another level on Who’s Doing The Dishes?

Yesterday Tricia Penrose served up a Performing Prawn Cocktail, Yorkshire Roast and Berry Meringue from her beautiful house in Cheshire that got this week’s dinner guest at each other throats over her identity on Who’s Doing The Dishes?

Tricia Penrose's house
Tricia Penrose’s house

Today it is the turn of Dane Bowers to open up his home and put his cooking skills to the test for four hungry dinner guests.

Mark, Amanda, Callum and Joanne hopes to bag another £500 by seeing through Dane’s cooking and hidden clues on today’s show.

After a quick trip down 90s memory lane, discussing bad hair dos, and even worse fashion sense, Dane and Brian head to the kitchen to rustle up some freaky food for the four dinner guest.

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