Antony Worrall-Thompson showcase his home cooking recipes for Sam, Kelly, Matt and Esther on Who’s Doing The Dishes?

Antony Worrall-Thompson

Antony Worrall-Thompson showcase his home cooking recipes on Who’s Doing The Dishes? with Brian McFadden.

Restaurateur and celebrity chef Antony Worrall-Thompson is no stranger to the kitchen as his dinner guess will learn when they sample Antony’s dishes in his own home without knowing who is serving up finger liking delights in the kitchen.

Antony decides that its time for Brian to improve his cooking skills and makes him sous chef for the days prep.

With such an extensive menu to complete, Antony is out to impress the diners with his food, but runs the risk of being identified by his diners.

A new week brings a new set of diners and a possibility of romance between student Sam and the glamorous Kelly.

Sales director Matt is determined to lead the group to victory but with an over talkative nature and being easily distracted it’s was down to science technician Esther to try and keep the team on track.

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