Ainsley Harriott visit Storebay Beach and Nylon Pool in Tobago on Ainsley’s Caribbean Kitchen

Ainsley Harriott visit Storebay Beach, Crown Point, Charlottesville, Pigeon Point and Nylon Pool (named by the late Princess Margaret) in Tobago on Ainsley’s Caribbean Kitchen.

The celebrity chef first meal was to sample Miss Trim famous crab ‘n’ dumplings before cooking his own version of Tobago blue crab with hand clapped roti’s.

Ainsley then visit Kenneth and Alison Sardinha, who teach him about Tobago cuisine before joining Kenneth in the kitchen to serve up a delicious green beans with chicken and rum dish.

Heading across the island to the fishing village of Charlottesville, Ainsley discovered the fishing practices of the local fishermen before haggling for a good price for some fish to make his mustard fish and mango chili chow dish.

Ainsley ended the day taking a boat trip to experience the Nylon Pool, where locals claim the water has the ability to rejuvenate anyone lucky enough to swim in it.

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