UK So You Think You Can Dance 2011 Results: Katrina Lyndon and Tom Shilcock

Katrina Lyndon and Tom Shilcock

Katrina Lyndon and Tom Shilcock have become the latest dancers to be eliminated from So You Think You Can Dance 2011. The pair were axed by the judging panel in tonight’s show after coming amongst the lowest placed dancers after the public vote.
Katrina and Tom found themselves in the bottom four for the first time alongside Bethany Rose and Israel tonight, after the top 10 were paired up and all performed two routines for the first time.

With head judge Nigel Lythoe away in the US and John Barrowman stepping in to cover for him, Arlene Phillips took on the role of delivering the bad news.

“Week on week you have delighted us with the challenges you have faced having been a ballerina,” Arlene told Katrina first. “Tonight however hasn’t been your best night.”

“Bethany, you had a slow start in the competition and then suddenly you turned things around but obviously the viewers don’t feel the same way.”

“This isn’t unanimous,” Arlene told the pair, “But the girl leaving is Katrina.

“I’ve just loved every single minute of everything, I’ll miss it so much. Thank you for everything, it’s changed my life. Just performing here every Saturday is the most incredible feeling I’m going to miss it so much,” a teary Katrina told host Cat Deeley.

Onto the guys and Arlene said simply: “Guys I’m just going to cut straight to the chase because it is a unanimous decision… the boy leaving us tonight is Tom.”

“I just want to say a big thank you to all the chorographers, it’s been amazing working with you,” the 23-year-old said.

2 thoughts on “UK So You Think You Can Dance 2011 Results: Katrina Lyndon and Tom Shilcock

  1. This show is about who looks the sexiest whilst dancing, not who actually has the stronger dancing talent. Fixed and shallow.

  2. omg I thought the x factor was a fix from auditions to finish. I just started watching So you think you can dance last Saturday as before then I didn’t know there was a new series and now I wish I had missed the whole series! The judges I can tell have always had it in for Katrina since she auditioned because of how much harder and critical they are of her compared to the other female dancers all together and all they could do last week was critisize her sexiness! Well sorry judges but this is a dancing competition, not who has the sexiest figure and body competition. Those judges think ballerina is all she has a talent at and I cannot understand how Arlene could save Bethany as week by week throughout the series apparently she has been in danger and the public don’t like something about her, but because the panel feel differently she stays in? That suggests that the public votes don’t count as since it is them voting it’s their opinion of the dancer’s who stay in the competition. Sorry it says in black and white that Bethany should have been voted off and I think it should come down to who has the lowest votes. I bet it would of been Bethany, even all those weeks thanks to the panel she is still there. Why would the judges put someone through to the quarter finals who has no chance of winning? The only way Bethany would win if the judges fixed the voting system like they very obviously done last Saturday night. FIX FIX FIX. Will never be watching this show again.

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