The Apprentice 2011: Gavin Winstanley Leaves after Being Fired By Lord Sugar

Gavin Winstanley

Gavin Winstanley became the third fired candidate to be fired by Lord Sugar from The Apprentice 2011. Gavin took charge of Team Logic in tonight’s episode, but they failed to find 10 luxury items at the cheapest price and therefore had to explained themselves in the boardroom.

To start the task Lord Sugar mixed up the teams, moving Natasha, Ellie, Melody and Zoe from the girls’ Team Venture to Team Logic, and moving Leon, Jim and Glenn from Team Logic over to Team Venture.

Gavin’s team struggled to find leads. Natasha’s attempt to obtain the supplier lists from rival hotels receiving criticism from Karren. While Team Venture were already on the street buying items, Gavin’s team were still stuck inside researching the products.

Susan Ma was Project Manager for Team Venture, and impressed from the start;  Nick Hewer even commented that Susan was a “forced to be reckoned”. Her team managed to located 9 out of 10 items. However, their first negotiations did not go well. They were taken by surprise by the £350 price for a top hat. The team also struggled to find cheap locations, entering top end retailers and paying more than £400 for tea.

After a mixed day for both teams the results in the boardroom were close, with £8 just separating the two teams. Managing to bring back 9 of the 10 items, Team Venture led by Susan spent £1,381.69 including a fine for the missing item. Team Logic meanwhile found just 6 of the 10 items and spent £1,389.20 with fines.

Gavin bought back Vincent and Zoe back into the boardroom to face Lord Sugar. Zoe was criticised for being under the radar and not getting involved with negotiations, however it was Gavin’s management tactics that came under scrutiny. “You let your team run riot and you didn’t have them under control,” Lord Sugar told him.

He continued: “I have to judge this on the task and on that basis I’ve concluded that because the task was out of hand, Gavin, you’re fired.”

Speaking after his exit, Gavin said: “I’m absolutely gutted that I haven’t gone further in this process, I think Lord Sugar’s made the wrong decision. If he’s looking for someone like Vincent then good luck to him.”