The X Factor 2010: Thousands Braved The Cold To See One Direction Homecoming Gig

One Direction took time out of there X Factor rehearsal schedule to make a series of whistle stop appearances around the country to meet and greet their fans.

 One Direction

The X Factor homecoming allows the finalist to visit their local communities to say thank you for their support and to encourage fans to keep voting to help them win the X Factor crown.

The boys kicked of their tour on Monday where they visited Doncaster – home of Louis Tomlinson – and made an appearance at  Hall Cross School where Louis used to attend.

All of the lads were clearly excited about heading home because they took to their Twitter accounts numerous times to update their followers with their whereabouts.

However, do to the recent cold snap Irish band member Niall Horan could not go back to his native Ireland, no doubt leaving thousands of fans disappointed. But he did manage to make an appearance on TV3 with the other band members to thank their fans for all the support.

During the interview the boys admitted that they have no idea what format the final two shows of the series will take and how many people will progress from Saturday to Sunday night.

Harry Styles said:

“We’re not really sure yet how it’s going to work, we just have to work hard, do our best and see what happens.”

Liam Payne added:

It’s a bit intimidating not knowing what’s going to happen.

Speaking about their winners single, which was recorded in last week, the boys tried to be careful not to give too much away but Niall Horan said:

“It’s a good song, it suits us and hopefully we get to perform it.

We have to make it that far first, but it’s a good song and we’re up for it.”

In Bradford One Direction were mobbed by fans during an appearance at HMV last night, home of band member Zain Malik.

Around 250 wristbands to meet the group were snapped up in minutes. And in Wolverhampton thousands braved the cold weather to see One Direction perform a gig that was the climax of their mini tour.

In a TV interview band member Liam Payne, who is from Wolverhampton said:

“It is nice to see all the support we have outside The X Factor. We really appreciate this and we just want to go on and win it now, so it is nice to see all the support.”