Mary Berry white chocolate and ginger cheesecake recipe on The Great British Bake Off Christmas Masterclass

Mary Berry makes a delicious white chocolate and stem ginger cheesecake for the festive season on The Great British Bake Off Christmas Masterclass.

The cake has a biscuit base and is topped with whipped cream and chocolate holly leaves.

Mary says: “This wintry ginger and chocolate cheesecake is perfect for jazzing up the dessert selection at Christmas.

If you want to make life a little easier for yourself you can simply grate chocolate on top of the cheesecake instead of making the decorations.”

The ingredients for the base: 50g butter, plus extra for greasing, 25g plain chocolate and 150g digestive biscuits, crushed.

For the filling: 300g white chocolate buttons, or a bar chopped into pieces, 400g full-fat cream cheese, 150ml soured cream, 2 free-range eggs and 1 tsp vanilla extract and 4 pieces stem ginger, finely chopped.

For the decoration: 150g plain chocolate, melted, few drops red food colouring, 25g marzipan, icing sugar, for dusting and 300ml double cream.