Profile of David Odhiambo from Young Apprentice 2012

Lord Sugar’s search for his next young apprentice is about to begin for the 2012 hit TV show and hoping to land the £25,000 cash prize this year is A Level student David Odhiambo from Bedfordshire.

David confesses that he is suffering from a disease, he said: “I have a disease called megalomania; this is a condition that means I am highly obsessed with wealth, power and omnipotence.”

 David Odhiambo The Apprentice 2012

Name: David Odhiambo

Age: 17
Occupation: Studying for A Levels in Maths, Economics and Philosophy and the Extended Project Qualification

Lives: Kenyan-born David has been Chair of various committees, including working for his local council as Chair of ‘Young Voices West.’ He earns an income through tutoring children and can often be found helping the local community and organising up and coming events. David, who still does a paper round, enjoys reading, cooking, debating and philosophising. He is inspired by Barack Obama and hopes that one day people will be studying himself in history classes.