Who was fired by Lord Sugar on The Apprentice in week eight 2012? Laura Hogg

Laura Hogg the apprenticeLaura Hogg has become the eight candidate to be fired by lord sugar on The Apprentice this series, after a task which saw the contestants buy and sell street art.

The candidates had to represent two urban artists and sell their work to customers, collectors and clients, with mixed results.

When the results were revealed in the boardroom, the teams were closely matched.

Sterling – led by Gabrielle – had total gallery sales of £11,630, giving a commission of £4,579.65.

Phoenix – led by Tom – had total gallery sales of £5,980, giving a commission of £2,442. Together with a commission of £2,000 from their client’s sale, the total commission for the team was £4,442

Phoenix were devastated at their loss, with Project Manager Tom taking the responsibility, “it was my strategy and we didn’t get Pure Evil, so it’s my fault, both of them, simple as that really.”

In the end he selecting Jade and Laura to return to the boardroom where Lord Sugar delivered his final verdict: “Tom – on this task alone, two massive big flaws, the loss of Pure Evil and the choosing of James (Jessop). Those decisions caused the fact that you didn’t sell as much as the other people did.

“Jade – stretching beyond this task a little bit is my worrying concern about your indecisiveness. In not pushing forward one of the other people from Bristol, that I think was another big error…

“Laura – you think you’re a good person, you’re certainly a good talker. I’m not totally convinced that you should remain in the process so Laura – You’re Fired.”

As she was driven away in a black cab, Laura reflected: “I’m feeling pretty gutted at the moment, especially since I am so confident in my own sales ability and I can’t believe that’s what sent me home.”