Katie Wright is the sixth candidate fired by Lord Sugar in The Apprentice 2012

katie wrightKatie Wright became the sixth candidate to be fired by Lord Sugar on The Apprentice 2012, after the candidates went on a trip to Edinburgh for tonight’s task.

The contestants had to create and sell gourmet street food, with Adam leading Phoenix and Jenna taking charge of Sterling.

After a day of cooking and hard selling, it was back to the boardroom where the figures were revealed:

Phoenix spent £90.25 on ingredients and had total sales of £388.29, resulting in a profit of £298.04

Sterling spent £268.82 on ingredients and had total sales of £588.60, resulting in a profit of £319.78.


To explain the failure of the task, Adam brought back Katie and Azhar to face Lord Sugar.

Delivering his final verdict, Lord Sugar explained: “Azhar – I’ve expressed my opinion about you not speaking up, you’ve certainly come out of your shell a little bit here today and what you do say actually makes a bit of sense compared to some other people.

“Adam – you’re certainly an enthusiastic person but there are at least two or three big errors that have been made on this task. You were supposed to be the team leader and you let other people drag you down.

“Katie – he listened to you. One could argue that’s his problem for listening to you, but the information you gave him was wrong.”

The boss continued: “Adam – I don’t know if you’re out of your depth here, I’m sure you’re a very hard worker and I know that you’ve got a good business going. I’m going to give you one more chance to stay in this process because I hope you’re going to learn now to assert your authority properly.

“Katie – I’m afraid to say that having been in this position for the third time I’m not convinced. Katie – You’re Fired.”

As she was driven away in a black cab, Katie reflected: “I do feel absolutely robbed. I believe Adam should have been fired, he made a complete mess of this task, but the decision has been made. The plan was to make Lord Sugar a lot of money but it looks like I’m going to have to go off and do that by myself.”