Vince Kidd beats Jessica Hammond on The Voice UK 2012 sing-off

vince kidd jessica hammond the voiceThe sixth pair in the Battle Round sing-off on The Voice tonight was Vince Kidd and Jessica Hammond. And it was Vince who secured victory over close friend Jessica Hammond.

Having struck up a bond during their time on the show, the pair were pit against each other by coach Jessie J because they did unique versions of the tracks they chose to sing during the Blind Auditions.

Vince said :“It’s hard to be competitive with someone that you like so much.”

“Jessie said, when you get in to the ring, leave your friendship at the side and sing like you wanna be in the live shows, and that’s what I’m gonna do.”

Jessica lamented: “Being against someone you adore is completely out of my comfort zone. But I love to perform and that’s what I’m gonna do, because that’s why I came here and that’s my goal.”

After singing Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love’, Tom Jones commented: “I thought the key was suited more to Vince than it was to Jessica.

“If had to pick between the two, Vince would be the one for me.”

But Danny O’Donoghue stuck up for Jessica, saying: “I was really worried when I heard you were going up against Vince, but you held your own tonight.”

Jessie then faced a tough decision. “You were two people that just drew me in to your voices, and I have enjoyed working with you so much. This is tough.

“The person that I’m going to take with me through to the lives is Vince.”