The Voice 2012: Bo Bruce beats Vince Freeman to make UK Live shows

vince freeman bo bruce the voiceThe fifth pair in the Battle Round sing-off on The Voice tonight was Bo Bruce and Vince Freeman. And it was Bo Bruce who came out on top to make it to the The Voice UK live shows.

Coach Danny O’Donoghue explained why he put the two of them head-to-head: “I paired Bo and Vince together because they’ve got contrasting voices, but I think the meld of the two will work really well together”

The pair took on U2 megahit With Or Without You in the ring, and it was a tough call for the coaches.

“I don’t know whether to be honest or say a whole bunch of like BS to throw Danny off…” Will began “I’m gonna be honest. Bo, you’re like an amazing singer, it’s like I was watching a Grammy performance, like Wow.

“Vince, you’re like Dave Matthews, selling out your own festivals. You guys are superstars. And your whole style, like I’m just gonna come up here without no shoes on, you know what I’m saying, just show you that I got style, just gonna rock it caveman style. It’s just mad fresh. That’s dope.”

Sir Tom added: “It sounded like a great duet. It sounded like they should sing together. I wouldn’t be able to say one over the other and it’s a good job I don’t have to.”

However the decision on who to save and who take through to lives was down to Danny alone.

“I’ve grown to know these people over the course of the show and I love them both the same,” he started.

He continued: “Bo, I guess the fragile nature of your performance can underestimate everybody to how good you are, until you open your voice, and then magic happens. Vince, I wanted to hear you reigned in a little bit, I know how powerful you are and I thought you executed it beautifully tonight.

“I’m basing this decision on who I think will go in to the music business straight away and sell the most records. The person I’m going to take in to the live shows with me is Bo Bruce.”