The Voice UK: Adam Issac disappoints will-i-am and selects Sir Tom Jones

Adam issac the voice UK28-year-old Adam Isaac from Exeter impressed Sir Tom Jones and will-i-am at his audition on The Voice earlier this year performing his rendition of Tomorrow by Stereophonics

Before taking to the stage the singer told Holly and Reggie Yates:

“Taking part in The Voice is a really big thing for me, because I’m being judged on the thing I love to do. My biggest fear is to get a no.”

After his performance this is what the two competing judges had to say:

Will-i-am: You have a great voice. You remind me of cats that I hang out with at home that just love and eat music. Your voice is warm, it seems like star quality. The kind of voice you hear when you’re at a restaurant and your girl’s telling you something and you totally ignore everything she’s saying because the song’s playing in the background.

Tom Jones: As far as I’m concerned, I’ve sang with a lot of different people and recorded a lot of different songs. I need somebody with a strong voice, because we’re going to have a lot of different kinds to do, when we win this. I was with Elvis Presley in Hawaii. Elvis Presley walked into a music shop and told the girl behind the counter “I’ve got Tom Jones coming over to my house today, and I need two guitars.” The girl fainted.

Will-i-am: There was one time I was living in Ireland with Michael Jackson and we were recording…I was making this track, right? And the beat was kind of mellow, and he said [Does an MJ voice] “I need you to make the beat a little louder.” I was like, you want it harder Mike, and he was “Yeah, if you could make the beat a little more aggressive…I want it to be a kind of tasty beat, that when people hear it they just wanna eat it.” Er…so yeah, that was my little thing…

In the end Adam chose Sir Tom; check out his performance in the video below: