Things to know about Zayn Malik from One Direction

Zayn Malik one direction bioZayn Malik and his band mates from One Direction are taking over the world, a vision that has become a reality for their X Factor mentor Simon Cowell.

Out of all the One Direction boys, Zayn Malik had the toughest time on the X Factor following his audition.

On the show he was not the most confident of person and although he has a very sweet voice, it was not deemed to be as strong as the other guys. As a result he was pretty much singing in the back ground all the time, which earned him the nickname ‘The Echo’.

Malik also had a run-in with X Factor boss Simon Cowell when he sneaked off not wanting to take part in the dance routines at bootcamp because he could not dance. He was then made to stand out front on stage and show the nation just how bad a dancer he was. (Not good!)

That said, look at him now. Still a bad dancer! Still singing in the background! But at least he is possibly the best looking member of the band. ( Controversial!)

Here are a few additional facts to know about Zayn Malik:

1. Zayn was born on 12th January, 1993; His star sign is Capricorn.

2. Zayn’s real name is actually spelt as Zain with an “i”, but he prefers Zayn because it’s more original.

3. Zayn’s middle name is Javadd.

4. Zayn didn’t have a passport before he was in One Direction.

5. Zayn Malik was born in St Luke’s Hospital, Bradford.

6. Zayn is the second oldest member of One Direction behind Louis.

7. Zayn’s ideal lady is Megan Fox.

8. Zayn previously dated mother of two and X Factor runner-up Rebecca Fergusson.

9. His favourite aftershave is Unforgivable by Sean John.

10. His favourite grooming product is Hair wax.

11. Zayn’s has two mobile phones: a iPhone 4 and a Blackberry.

12 Zayn has a man crush on Justin Timberlake.

More Zayn facts coming soon.

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