Things to know about Louis Tomlinson from One Direction

Louis Tomlinson One direction latest pictureLouis Tomlinson and his band mates from One Direction are taking over the world, a vision that has become a reality for their X Factor mentor Simon Cowell.

The lad from Doncaster in the north of England auditioned for The X Factor in 2010 in pursuit of fame and fortune. After he performed his rendition of ‘Hey There Delilah’ to the judges. Little did he know that it was a performance that would change his life forever.

The X Factor was the break he needed because dating a girl who is a model, could prove to be a bit heavy on his wallet.

Here are a few additional facts to know about Louis Tomlinson:

1. Louis’ middle name is William and he was born on Christmas Eve in 1991.

2. Louis has blue eyes and brown hair.

3. Louis’ favourite film is Grease.

4. Louis is the oldest member of the Band.

5. Louis got suspended from school and had to retake year 12.

6. ‘The Fray’ is Louis’ favourite band.

7. Louis as a musical talent, he can play the piano.

8. Louis had a chilly flavoured ice cream in France and said it was amazing!

9. His favourite colour is red.

10. Louis has 4 sisters. Charlotte, who’s 12, Felicity, who’s 10, and twins Daisy and Phoebe, who are 6.

11. Louis recorded a track before he joined One Direction. The track is called ‘Look After You’ (have a listen in the video below).

More Louis facts coming soon.

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  1. i love u louis ur amazing and of course very funny lol like that one time in the video dairy u were wearing a trash can lid on ur head or what ever that was haha and u were like sorry im a bit nuts lol.

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