One Direction to take second Album in a New Direction

One Direction second album

X Factor boyband One Direction are reportedly planning to take their music in a different direction, for their second album.

The band is currently enjoying a lot of success in a number countries around the globe, with their debut album ‘Up All Night’ and in an interview with The Daily Star, band member Liam Payne revealed that they want to have a bigger hand in writing it’s follow up.

The boys will be working with ‘A Team’ hitmaker Ed Sheeran once more and Liam explained:

“Ed is such a talented guy. We spoke to him about helping again for the next album which we want to actually write with him this time.

“He gave us almost a whole album of songs to choose from last time; there were so many of his songs that we wanted to record.”

Louis Tomlinson revealed that he wants their own musical tastes to be better featured on their next album and added:

“We want to take the next album into a different zone – more guitars and grungier.

“We like the sound of a real guitar ontour, we beefed up the live show so now we want to take it onto the album.”