Got To Dance 2012 Series 3 Fourth-Final Results: A-Team and Method Of Movement made final

A team got to danceMethods of Movement and the A Team secured the public vote in the fourth Got To Dance semi-final to book their place in the final next month.

The A-Team opened the show with an amazing performance that left us speechless! It was simply one of the best street dance routine that we have ever seen on the show.

Their routine not only wowed us but the judges also with Kimberly Wyatt gushing: “What an unbelievable start to a live semi-final! I think that’s as close to perfection as you can possibly get.”

Adam Garcia said: “The words jaw-dropping don’t quite encapsulate what I just saw. I dared not even blink in case I missed anything. You guys do slow lyrical with just as much power and cool and swagger as you do your ridiculous tricks.”

Ashley Banjo added: “Good performances have difficulty, technicality, precision, but great ones have is the ability to take those components, turn them in to a sort of fist, and just go ‘bam’, and I actually feel it here.”

Check out their performance here!

On a night where we were treated to some amazing dance routines, it was left to Methods of Movement to close the show and they signed off with a bang!

Just like they did in their audition, they wowed the judges once again with Ashley saying to the street dance crew: “This competition is crazy! You blend the popping and the breaking, the difficult tricks and a routine with comedy and a theme, and you’re b-boys. You don’t see that very often and we have not got anybody like you in this competition.”

Adam was suitably impressed, but he did have one tip: “There are moments that you’ve got such high level of difficulty that I can see you thinking. You’ve just gotta look like you’re enjoying it the whole time.”

Check out their performance here!

The other acts that also showcased their talents tonight were Hippy Jo, The Future, Lloyd & Rebecca and R and Rikoshay.