Young Apprentice 2011 Finals: James McCullagh and Zara Brownless creates Online game

James McCullagh video gameTonight in the finals of Young Apprentice, James McCullagh and Zara Brownless compete for the £25,000 cash prize and the title of Young Apprentice 2011.

They are both called to County Hall where they are briefed on the competition’s toughest challenge yet.

With the help of some of the previous contestants they are tasked with creation and development of a brand new online video game as well as filming a viral advert to accompany their launch campaign.

To give them a helping hand, we will see the return of some familiar faces – Lewis, Harry H, Hayley, Lizzie, Ben, Mahamed, Harry M, Gbemi and Haya.

Once the two finalists settled into the task, they decide on their video game ideas: Zara opting for ‘Piggy Panic’ a platform game where users must help Porky Pete escape from a butcher, while James goes with ‘Crazy Cabinet’ a time management challenge where the player assumes the role of prime minister. But there is still the tough task of creating a viral video to tie in with their game concept.

zara brownless young apprentice finalJames decides on satirical humour and says: “I know these ideas may seem a little bit offensive but nothing is funny unless it offends someone.”

Meanwhile Haya voices her reservations about Zara’s decision to go for slapstick comedy and says: “I can’t see any adult laughing at this. A ten-year-old maybe.”

This task will test the contestants like no other. See how they get on later at 21:00 BBC1.