Young Apprentice 2011: Hayley Forrester Fired by Lord Sugar

hayley forrester negotiation task Hayley Forrester has become the latest candidate to be fired by Lord Sugar in this series of the Young Apprentice.

The seven remaining youngsters were set a  negotiation task by Lord Sugar where  they had just 10 hours to acquire 10 random items for the cheapest possible price.

Team Atomic – led by Lizzie – made life difficult for themselves when two of them went on a 4 hour round trip just to by a few items they could have purchased at any market in Central London. In the end this mistake and others cost them dear.

In the boardroom, it was revealed that Atomic sourced 6 items for £963 but the fines totalled £517.87 giving them a total cost of £1480.87

Team Kinetic – led by Haya – sourced 7 items for £721 but the fines totalled £248.10 giving them total costs of £969.10

After a resounding win, Team Kinetic headed off for a photo-shoot for their treat while Team Atomic were sent to Loser’s Cafe where Lizzie pointed out that everybody on the team made mistakes.

Back in the boardroom, Lord Sugar was quick to point out: “The failure of this task is two-fold, you paid too much and your fines were quite high also.”
After Lord Sugar highlighted the worst decisions that were made, Lizzie decided to bring back Zara and Hayley to the boardroom. A shocked Hayley is quick to point out Harry M’s losing record, to which he hit back: “Hayley that is an unfair comment… for you to sit there and criticise my performance is unfounded.”

After both Hayley and Lizzie stated that they feel Zara should be fired, with Hayley claiming that she has a split personality, Zara stood by her boardroom approach, telling Lord Sugar: “We are now playing this as individuals and I need to defend myself as an individual.”

Having considered his options, Lord Sugar delivering his verdict: “Zara, I think it’s fair to say you do tend to takeover, I have noticed a little bit that you do use what I say in this boardroom and then apply it in another way.

“Hayley, you are very quietly spoken and very polite and I don’t see anything wrong with that. But I wanted to see if there was any steel beyond that politeness and I’m not sure whether you’ve shown me that.

“Lizzie, you’re also a little bit quiet but you do speak up at the right times and you have put yourself forward, but in this particular task there have been some terrible mistakes. For that reason it’s very hard for me to pass the blame for this task on to anyone else so it’s a very difficult decision that I have to make.”

Lord Sugar then concluded: “I think I’ve concluded that, Hayley, you seem to be a person that stays in the shadow, you’re politeness is great and I know that your enthusiastic, but at this point in this competitive environment that we have here, Hayley… You’re Fired.”

As she is driven away Hayley said: “I feel Lord Sugar’s made a mistake in firing me, I wasn’t aggressive enough in the boardroom but then that’s not how I am as a person so I’m not going to be like that in the boardroom.”