Young Apprentice 2011: Mahamed Awale Fired by Lord Sugar after the first task

mahamed awale axed by lord sugar16-year-old Mahamed Awale became the first of the Young Apprentice candidates to be fired by Lord Sugar as the boys were beaten by the girls in a task to design, produce and sell a range of frozen desserts.

In the boardroom two of the boys – James and Mahamed – were at odds with each other over who was responsible for creating the product theme. Mahamed declared that he was responsible but a furious James hit back saying: “That is completely incorrect!”

During the tasks the girls gave the impression that they all skipped Maths lessons in school because none of them could add, subject or divide, despite all claiming to have GCSE Maths on their CVs.

Like the boys, the girls were also at odds with each other over their responsibilities in the tasks – their rowing even amused some of the boys.  Nick Hewer intervened in the rows by sharing with them his observation of their approach on the task: “It was just embarrassingly out of control!”

To bring the arguments to a close, Lord Sugar read out the costs and sales figures:

The boys’ team Atomic spent £117.92 and took £677.17 making a profit of £559.25
The girls’ team Kinetic spent £131 and took £839.34 making a profit of £708.34

With the girls seeing off the boys on the task, they left the boardroom to enjoy their treat. Meanwhile the boys were left to account for their actions on the task.

After yet more disagreements Lord Sugar asked Project Manager Harry H who he was brining back to the boardroom. Harry H decided to bring back James and Mahamed.

As tensions rose, James insisted: “I was the man with the ideas, everything came from me. Nobody else had any ideas when it came to the branding at all. I came up with the concept and the name, I was the one that pulled in most of the attraction.”

Sensing his demise, Mahamed again claimed that he was the brains behind the operation with Harry H interrupting: “Lord Sugar this is turning into a long list of Mahamed’s achievements and it is completely unfounded.”

Having heard enough, Lord Sugar prepared to deliver the dreaded verdict: “James as an economist which you claim to be, your idea of reducing the cost to £1 would have been absolutely suicidal.

“Mahamed you’ve convinced yourself that you were responsible for the majority of the sales, which you weren’t.

“Harry you were the project leader and there was a flaw in not noticing that the mobile team had the most potential.”

In his conclusion, Lord Sugar said: “It’s difficult because you’ve come from thousands of applicants and you are the young prospects… but, Mahamed; You’re Fired!”

As he is driven away Mahamed said: “I’m really surprised at being fired but at the end of the day I’m still going to be a success and it will be Lord Sugar who regrets it.”