The X Factor USA Auditions: Rapper Brian Bradley to be bigger than Jay-Z and Kanye West

Brian bradley x factor14-year-old Brian Bradley from Brooklyn was a bit of a surprise package when he took to the stage at the New York auditions. He started off by showing quite a funny and adorable side to him especially when he claimed that he sees himself as a formidable rival to Jay-Z and Kanye. When Simon asked why he doesn’t have a record deal already? He replied “It’s politics, man, it’s politics”.

However, he then suddenly becomes confrontational with Simon. The judging panel seems confused until it becomes clear that it’s a lead in to his performance.

He queued the music and kicked off  a rap about his mother, which the crowd absolutely adores. Even Nicole and LA get into it, bopping their heads and waving their hands in the air. Soon Paula’s singing along as well and the crowd goes wild as he finishes.

Nicole says that she’s scared of Brian and promises not to look at his mum. Simon finds him arrogant, obnoxious and argumentative but one of the most talented young people he’s heard in a long time, claiming that Brian is the reason he came to New Jersey.

Paula also thinks he’s unique and loves his approach. LA admits that he feels like the “luckiest guy in the world” because he was always looking for someone like Brian during his time at Def Jam and never found him.

Brian made it to bootcamp with 4 yeses – but what will he do in big band week if he makes it to the live shows?