The X Factor USA Auditions: Cute Singing Duo Ausem had a touch of High School Musical

15-year-old duo Austin and Emily – otherwise known as Ausem – brought a touch of High School Musical to the X Factor Auditions. The duo brought along a pretty hefty crowd of supporters with them and they gave Austin and Emily the loudest cheer for any act thus far as the duo took to the stage.

Ausem then launched into their rendition of Christina Perri’s ‘Jar of Hearts’ complete with “acting” that appear to have been inspired by High School Musical. Their singing was not at all bad but it was clear that Austin had the better voice, an observation that caused Nicole to once again upset Simon this series.

Ausem Performance Summary

Age : 15.
Auditioned In : New York.
Song Title : Jar of Hearts.
Recorded By : Christina Perri.
Available From : Amazon.

Simon thinks that their intended audience will understand them and gives them a yes. LA pinpoints Austin as the star of the duo but isn’t convinced by Emily’s performance. However, he still puts them through.

Nicole on the other hand thinks they should split up as she agrees with LA that the duo doesn’t work. However, her indecision annoys Simon who told her to give a clear yes or no to the contestants. She continues to dither and he gets up and walks away from the table. She eventually relents and gives them another ‘yes’, as does Paula. So Ausem goes to booth camp with four yes votes. Check out all the action in the video below: