Big Brother 2011: Channel 5 Big Brother Ratings Continue to Plummet

BB LogoThe ratings for Big Brother 2011 continue to be disappointing reading for TV bosses as the new series continue to shed viewers.

The series got off to a decent start when it was launched with 3 million people watching earlier in September, the figures have been steadily falling ever since.

It’s been reported that on Saturday night, only 900,000 people tuned in for the hour long daily episode. This was the lowest ratings the show has ever achieved, since it first launched on Channel 4 in 2000.

Many fans are loosing interest because they prefer  to watch the live feeds which was dropped when Channel 5 took over the show.

In contrast, the celebrity version of the reality series proved a hit for Channel 5 when it launched in August and attracted a decent amount of viewers to the channel over it’s three week run.